This scholarship, granted by retired Lockport teacher, Mrs. Lorraine Brady, is designed to support middle class students who fall into a “gray area” of not meeting financial aid requirements but may not be able to attend the school which would benefit them the most because of the high cost of education.

Any graduating senior who is a resident of the Lockport City School District, who is attending Lockport High School or another Catholic High Schools outside of the district, and has achieved at least a “C” average or higher should apply.

Students may also be nominated to the trustees by teaching staff or members of the community.

All nominees are required to complete a scholarship Application.

All are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship applications will be made available to students on 1st day of October of each year by the guidance office.

Interested students can also download the Application here.

Completed scholarship application packets should be submitted directly to the Law Office of Patricia A. George located at 37 East Avenue, Lockport, New York 14094 no later than the 30th day of November of the year preceding their graduation or program completion.

Please contact Barbara Fonzi at (716) 434-6641 Ext. 236 or with any questions.